Name Description Author Date
Tagger Allows to add a tag to the subject of Emails; e.g. used to identify emails from a mailing list (by adding [test list] at the beginning of the subject) Lukas Frey 05/18/2001
SizeCheck Emails can be checked whether the size does not exceed some particular size. Useful for mailing lists with many members, as the mail server has to deliver the emails once for each recipitients, which costs a lot of bandwidth when sending huge mails Lukas Frey 05/18/2001
VirusCheck Emails are scanned whether they contain viruses. Multi part MIME messages get unpacked, ZIP files are opened and scanned. Requires an external virus scanner. Lukas Frey 05/18/2001


MIMEfilter Looks for multipart MIME messages. If non-text MIME parts are found, the message is rejected. This tool is designed for mailing lists, where attachments can annoy many victims. Pure Perl, nothing else needed. Goesta Smekal 05/20/2001
Connect XMail and IMAP This is an XMail "script" to pass mail messages to UW-IMAP server. The problem in linking this two servers is that UW-IMAP can not pick-up messages in XMail spool and in it's spool format. So I use standart procmail package to pass messages. It can the same time sort it and process (as it's name stands for, - "PROC[essing ]MAIL". Sergey Ivanov 02/06/2002


Some scripts for the Windows version of XMail can be found here.


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